Frequently Asked Questions

MedCheck’s EMR is a clinic management software platform that includes patient charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, and lab integration.

Registration and use of MedCheck is absolutely free for physicians. Physicians have unlimited data storage capacity and number of patient records. All you need is internet access on your computer or tablet.

Yes, all MedCheck users have unlimited access to our concierge support team for free. You can call or email us anytime, 7 days a week at no cost.

Any practice can use our web-based clinic management software. However, we specialize in customized forms and interface for chronic disease care – cardiology, endocrinology, and soon oncology.

Our mission is to help improve healthcare in the Philippines and Southeast Asia via digital transformation. We are able to provide you free software and technical support services because we study disease trends and produce research which will help the entire healthcare ecosystem. Other partners such as labs, pharmas, biotech, health systems, medical organizations, NGOs, and the Department of Health help sponsor innovative programs aimed towards improving patient outcomes.

We are fully compliant with the Data Privacy Act (Republic Act 10173) and abide by HIPAA and HITECH rules and guidelines. Any information which may be aggregated and used for research is non-identifiable. This means all data points exclude names, contact information and any identifiers of patients, doctors, clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations.

Data security is our number one priority, which is why we employ robust data infrastructure and encryption measures. We store all files and data in cloud-based servers hosted by Amazon and Google.

No. Only the physician and whomever he/she grants access to (secretary and/or staff) can see the patient records.

No. Physicians can only see their own patients’ records, not the records of other physicians.

No. However, a patient may request for a copy of his/her consultation summary(ies). The MedCheck platform allows you the physician to print a copy of the summary for the patient, and also for the patient to access his/her summary online. There is a field in the SOAP called “Private Remarks” in case you would like to keep particular consultation notes private and not part of the summary for patients

MedCheck is primarily for clinicians and outpatient practices. That said, we do have the capability to integrate with internal hospital EMR/EHR systems.

No. You need internet access to utilize our platform.

Yes. Our platform works well with tablets. Smartphones, however, are not ideal for the current version. We are now working on optimizing smartphone views for the next update.

Yes. Multiple users for the same account can be logged in at the same time. In the next version update we will be implementing separate secretary accounts from physician accounts.

Yes. One of our features we provide, particularly for chronic disease care, is integration with labs and testing centers. Contact us if you’d like for MedCheck to integrate with your preferred lab/testing center.

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