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Quality Care At Your Fingertips

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Online Patient Network & Booking System

  • Expand the reach of your business through the power of the internet
  • Provide detailed information about your professional background to attract more referrals
  • Allow your patients to leave ratings and reviews to boost the reputation of your practice.
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Appointment Dashboard

  • Attract new patients with the ease of booking online
  • Quickly and easily manage cancellations, reschedules, and delays
  • Provide alerts and notifications to patients to declutter waiting rooms and reduce frustrations
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Easy Digital Access to Patient Medical Records

  • View instantly a patient’s medical background through any web browser
  • Get a deeper look into patients' medical records visit-by-visit
  • Promote your patients to use the PHR so that you can provide optimum care
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The MedCheck Mission

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Provide direct and instant access to healthcare for patients

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Improve transparency and information flow to improve doctor practices and healthcare services

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Reduce hours of patients’ time and opportunity cost